Is the community edition of 2018.4.6 still available?

I would like to use the latest version, but the version used at my company is 2018.4.6, so I would like to use the community edition of this version if it is available. The purpose is to learn personal skills.
When I tried to install it, I got a message that the license has expired. Is it currently unavailable?


Community editions are always updated versions which is the current versions and beta versions. so you can’t find any old versions. For older versions, you have to download the enterprise versions only but that require licenses

Hope this helps you


Thanks for the clear explanation.
I see that I need ENTERPRISE LICENSES in order to use the older version of the software.
I will use the latest version of the software to learn the skills.

However, since the version installed in the company is old, there will inevitably be differences between the skills learned. Can I use the snippets created in the latest version environment during learning in the older version environment of the company?

I would like to know if there is anything I should be aware of in terms of compatibility between the new version of the code and the old version of the code.


As there is version management for activities packages in each project, we can use activities which is same as 2018.4.6 even if use the latest Studio. It means workflow made in the latest studio probably works in 2018.4.6, if use same activities package version as 2018.4.6.
However, contents of project.json may prevent its interoperability, we need to delete the file in advance, if open the project.