Make the selector dynamic to select a value from the drop down menu

Hi All,

I want to select a values from the drop down menu based on a condition. For e.g. - If a province(variable) is “ONTARIO”, I want to select a value corresponding to it from the drop down.

I tried to use a variable for aaname of the selector, but it is not working. Here is my selector. Please help.


I guess htmlwindowname attribute value is getting change everytime here.

May I know what error are you getting here ? And also did you try Select Item activity to select the value from Drop down list ?

Hi @harmeet_kaur ,

There are many things that you could do to overcome it, like making it case insensitive, or using regex, or fuzzy match.

I bet just making it case insensitive will do the trick →


just an example for you to try out.
Also, try refreshing the page to make detect whether the container elements are dynamic.

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Ashwin A.K

@harmeet_kaur Take another sequence. Now, can you try recording by selecting or clicking on one of the item in the drop down and execute that only activity and share the results

I am not getting any error. It just do not select the value that I passing using the variable in the selector. It is using the value that I used to make the selection of the UI element on click activity

I am able to click on the drop down and select a value. Only when I try to make the selector dynamic using a variable to pass different values of the items in the drop down, it is causing problem. For e.g - If I made the selection of ON province in the drop down and I want to select Quebec by passing a variable value QUEBEC to the selector, it is still selecting ON even if the value of the variable is QUEBEC.