Make appear a message box asking wich file you want to open?


Im new to Ui Path and willing to learn more about it !

But as helpful the video tutorials and documents are, i can’t find what im exactly looking for.
In my case im trying to make a text box appear, asking the user to open a file in .txt
I tried a few thing with variable but still don’t understand how to use them properly.
Tried the “Path exist” module wich let you select a path for a document and put in a Variable and this variable end up in the “Read text file” module to be readed but it doen’t work, keep getting some error.

Thanks for reading !


thank you for inquiring.

you can use select file, you can use filter option to filter text.

then on the output it will result the string of the path selected.

here is an example ZackChan.xaml (7.7 KB)


Ok thank you a lot !

But is there a way to make it a bit more fancy, i want to be ablto to make a Tex Box open asking to select a file like this :

Open your file

Im maybe asking a lot but worth to ask !

But thanks tho !

Hello Zackchan,

Not at all, I guess I have to encourage you and all visitors to make a reliable and “easy on the eyes” solution. Please always push yourself for more, try to navigate throughout activities and their properties, so you can get an idea of the vast majority of possibilities for your automation.

ZackChan.xaml (9.3 KB)

Hope this helps and if it does, please close this thread by marking the answer as the solution.


Nice thinking @beesheep - using built in message boxes here is a nice way of filling in the requirement gap.

One thing I’d add is that the selectFile activity needs to be wrapped in a TryCatch for OperationCanceledException (thrown if user closes the window or presses cancel).

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