Mainframe Automation - What is the best way to Automate using Host On Demand (IBM Tool)

Hi All,

Can someone give me the steps and ways in detail to Automate Mainframe system from UI Path using Host On Demand?

I have gone through the various methods of doing it but not sure which is the best way of doing it?

  1. Using Terminal activity? Not sure if I can connect to using session file or not?
  2. Using Java Access Bridge
    Please suggest.

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Give a try on:

  • terminal Activities
  • Connection Type: EHLL
  • attach to an existing session or let use a *.ws file config

Once the connection is established the different activities for reading or entering data are working straighforward and allows to do automations.


Thanks for the response , However we dont have direct access to terminals … It has to be used via Host-On-Demand .

When using the Java Based Host-on-Demand(IBM Tool) Application Launch Application and Uipath was not able to identify the elements of Java Applets

However - I have fixed that issue by fixing JRE issue with UIpath.

I found this link - has explained it well.

Hi Satish, Were you successful at automating Mainframe system Using HOD? Could you please help me out with the steps you followed to achieve it?
Thank you