Mainframe automation issue- Get cursor position

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I am doing automation of mainframe application, in which i want current cursor position but didint found any activity to achieve same.
Please help me to get current position of cursor when using terminal session.

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May I ask why you want the cursor position in the mainframe? It seems like when automating in the mainframe, you would not need to know this information ever.

To answer your question, I am not sure this is possible. There should be a coordinate on your terminal window, so if you can find a way to extract this info, then you would have the position.

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Looking for the same soltuion.
There is a specific error, that can refer to many fields in the terminal, but there is no informaition about it in the error message. The only things we have that the cursor jumps to the problematic field. I want to validate at what field we are to know how to move further.

Also unfortunately the terminal shows the cursor position (i was thinking about the same soltuion), but only OCR works to extract it in my case, which has questionable reliability.

Any solution for this?