Main advantages of using UiPath compared to AA

This is a question for those who started the RPA journey with AA and now are working with UiPath. What are the main advantages do you see compared to AA?

@slowdive welcome to UiPath.Although i don’t think that this is the correct forum for asking this question. But let me try listing out some main advantages:-

  1. UiPath Document Understanding allows form, regex and ML extractors with a proper validation station. (this competes with IQBOT)
  2. UiPath Apps and data service are features not touched by AA.
  3. UiPath Test Suite is something not available in AA.
  4. UiPath task and process mining does a more detailed analysis than AA discovery bots.
  5. UiPath has significantly more application integrations than AA.
  6. UiPath forum and community outreach is pretty good and more versatile when compared to A people.
  7. UiPath provides standardized enterprise level automation frameworks like REFramework which is something not looked after in AA.

I am pretty sure AA must be having a different take on this story. But in my own humble understanding, these are some major advantages.

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Thanks for the answer. did you started with AA first then worked on UiPath? I am specially interested to know the thought of those who transitioned from AA to UiPath.

For example, I don’t like the GUI of AA and often things working in DEV environment don’t work the same in PROD environment i.e. we need to recode/adjust for bots in order for them to work without issues in PROD.