MailMessage Serialization

Hi All,

I am facing issue while Converting MailMessage to a serialize object. due to this i am not able to send MailMessage to Orchestrator Queue. I need only MailMessage to pass to Queue instead of individual categories( Subject, Body,SenderName,etc….) as I need to move the mail to some other folder based on the process execution. To move the mail we have to Provide MailMessage as the Input to Move Exchange Mail Message activity

Do anyone have an idea on this or reusable Invoke activity of MailMessage Serialization

Much Thanks in Advance!

It looks like MailMessage is not marked as serializable, so you would have to dit yourself if you wish to procede this way. This blog post might help:

Otherwise what i might suggestis to instead pass information for a filter that could idenitfy the mail message instead, that way in the second process you could just use the get message activity with the filter and then move it. This would be likely easier butr might not be as accurate, it depends whether sender subject, body etc would be enough to identify the correct email.