Mail`s Attachment problem

there have anyone know how i can know when i get Email by IMAP the email`s attachments are what type

  • Get Mail Messages
  • Use For Each Activity to parse through each mail item
  • Add If Activity with a condition Items.Attachments.Any
  • If True - use Path.GetExtension(item.Attachment.Name)=".csv"

Hope that solves your problem.

In case:
you want to download only specific type of files then one option is to use a filter with Get Mail Messages

Path.GetExtension(attachmnt.Name3).Contains(“pdf”) = True Path.GetExtension(attachmnt.Name3).Contains(“xls”) = True Path.GetExtension(attachmnt.Name3).Contains(“csv”) = True

Good luck and hope this helped.

Praveen Kumar
Director - Nanite Solutions

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thank you very much i think that will solve my problem