Mail Merge Methods

I want to perform the Mail Merge action in word.
Is it a feature in UIPath software, or I need to begin using opening word and then the mail merge wizard.

If so, how do i proceed with the mail merging activity?


Hi @nesachdeva,

There is no activities for mail merge as such, however you can do it via UiAutomation (actions what a user does) or you can create a custom activity for it (Code sample > c# - Sending text to Mail-Merge Fields in Microsoft Word 2010 - Stack Overflow)


Okay. Any suggestions on optimizing the workflow, with some inbuilt features of UIPath?

@nesachdeva Any Suggestion ? Have you created custom control or UiAutomation?

@Vikas.Jain : I am doing via UiAutomation only… Opening word and then the mail merge wizard with the help of UiAutomation…but when I Open the word I am not able to find out word selector like find the particular text from word (ex. name,location ) and insert merge field at that location…Can you please help me with any suggestion?