Mail Merge In Word

I want to perform the Mail Merge action in word.
Process : In word- Start mail merge then Step by Step Mail Merge Wizard and Insert Merge Field then Browse and then print …

So here:
Approach 1: I am opening word and then the mail merge wizard with the help of UiAutomation…but when I Open the word I am not able to find out word selector like find the particular text from word (ex. name,location ) and insert merge field at that location So I changed my approach
Approach 2 : I saved that word document as a template and save text name and location as a book mark in word then with the help of that template one by one process (Create .docx for each record then convert .docx to pdf and then merge pdf files) but this approach takes 4 minutes of time for 30 records…

so can someone guide me, how do i proceed with the mail merging activity?


Hey do you got solution for this?

@Sneha_Ambulkar : I wrote .net code inside invoke code activity.

Can you share the code for the same?