I have a question about code VBA.
I edit code in VBACode from 21 to 34 (according row in excel —> some month have 31 days)

If I run , It write text Data in row34 column B as below.

VBACode.txt (24.4 KB)
input : output2.xls (61 KB)
output : 04-2021.xlsx (27.1 KB)


I think text data from table pivot as below.

How to delete text Data in file output.

Please guide me about it.

You can use Range(“A34”).Clear in macro.
That will take text out from cell.

@Pankaj.Patil If I add row 34 = 31.04.2021.
Text Data not show.

How to check A34 have date or not?
If don’t have date ----> delete Text Data (column B34) every sheet.

Guide me please (macro).


First read 34 cell as below,

StrValue = Range(“A34”).value
If Strvalue = data {
Clear it
End if