Delete existing rows and formulas form Excel sheet

I have a requirement where i will take excel from previous month and do certain actions and paste the data in the existing excel for current month. The same will be used for upcoming months as well.
I don’t want to delete the sheet, as i require column names static.
I need to delete the data and paste the new data, sometimes it has 100 rows and the formula will be in 101row, sometimes the row differs same as the formula row.

Kindly help how to resolve this.

As previous month data also be there for ever so u can directly use write range so new data plus previous data both will be written in that sheet
If data will be removed from previous then
For deleting data from that sheet u can use Invoke VBA for delete
Sub Macro1()

    Selection.Delete Shift:=xlUp
End Sub

Hi @testing_mail

Give the if condition and check the dt.rows.count>100

if true means use delete range within excel application scope and check the data again by using merge dt1 and dt2

Ashwin S

Thanku. Wil try this and get back.