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I’m trying to solve a situation if someone can help me I’m grateful

           Follow the steps of the situation

           -Download Excel with information
           -Run macro according to the data contained
           -Access the data and enter the website according to the macro data

           If the macro is empty, I end automation.

           Is there a specific tool for the case or will I have to work in another way?


As per your comments we have to check whether macros are enabled in the excel or not.

we can achieve this goal by using code. there is method in (workbook.HasVBProject) it returns boolean so if it returns true the excel has macros or false means the excel doesnot have macros in it.

Attaching work flow for your reference. i hope it would help your requirement. (2.3 KB)

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it was clear helped me a lot thanks a lot for the support :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Your most welcome @Rntss23 . if you think it is resolved your problem. kindly mark it as solution so that it would help others. thanks.

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