How to train extractors with Document Understanding

I’m trying to build a process that can extract data from slightly different invoices.
I have the community edition

I’ve tried using the ML Invoices UiPath endpoint and I can’t see any training happening so If I try to process the same invoice again, the same mistakes will appear.

I’ve also tried going to the cloud and create my own extractor. It extracts the data correctly just for the invoices that match the templates that I upload and labelled correctly, but even when I correct some mistake in the validation station, the same mistake is performed the next time, so no training happening here aswell.

Do we need the enteprise edition and AI Center for this purposes?
Is there something we’re missing?

Or this is not possible to do at this moment?

Thank you very much,

hi @aloy

kindly check the best course for DU from Lahiru, here you will learn all you need.

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Hi @aloy

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If you want to Train your model , you can go with Enterprise edition and AI Center.

Please have a look.