Machine Learning Extractor not available for install

I’m trying to install the UiPath ML Extractor, but I cannot locate it for install in the Manage Packages form after I hook in the Beta feed. I am trying to follow these instructions:

I can add the Beta feed, and I have the ‘Include Prerelease’ flag checked, but get a “No packages found” when I do a query for it in the search bar.

You need to add the Beta feed.

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I added the Beta feed doing the following:

  1. Open ‘Manage Packages’ window
  2. Right-click and select ‘Configure Sources’
  3. Name new Package Source “myget”
  4. Enter following URL into Source field:
  5. Click ‘OK’

From there I query the Manage Packages window and it still returns with nothing for UiPath.MachineLearningExtractor.

Any other ideas of what I am doing wrong?

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Can you see any other packages in the beta feed?

I did a complete re-install of UiPath, and was able to add UiPath.MachineLearningExtrator. Thanks for the help!


As an FYI… since I was also scrolling through this thread. The re-install worked but the most likely solution was to ensure that you click the “include Pre-Release” check box since this is a beta item currently.

after installation i get the below error