Machine Key "View" Button not there?

I am trying to set up Studio and create a robot. I went through all the steps and did actually find the Machine Key but couldn’t find the “Robot Tray” as it states to do in the video. I tried contacting a few support avenues but it has been a few days of searching and I haven’t found anything. Now when I try to find the Machine key again the button in the Machines section doesn’t exist anymore. Any Idea how to find the Machine Key again and how to find the place we put it once we have found it?

Thank you

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welcome to UiPath community
we can get the machine from ORCHESTRATOR
–for that get the machine name from your robot tray
and create a machine here in orchestrator

–then we can get the machine key by clicking on three dots at the right end and copy the machine key and paste in our robot tray
and also ensure that the Orchestrator url is mentioned as per this thread

Cheers @Cwhiteside1

Hi , Login to Orchestrator , go to Machines option
Now click on ‘+’ (Add) Button to create a new machine
Select standard machine option
Now give your machine name (Computer name of your laptop/desktop)
Now clock save
Now click on that Machine , and click on 3 Dots (menu) , click on Edit
Now you will see Machine key , Copy that

Now search as ‘Robot’ in your machine , once you see Uipath Robot in search result , you click on it
It will open in the Bottom right corner of your Laptop
Right click on that UI icon and click on settings
There you will see Machine key field , you need to enter the above copied machine key there

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