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I have been working for a client using the latest enterprise version of 2019.4.4 and wanted to do some of my own work at home on my community version.

The dashboard has changed quite a bit, and I can’t find the machine key? It used to be on the left pane under Machine. But the new Community version does not have that tab? I just need to connect my bots to Orchestrator. It looks way different!

This is what it looks like on the 2019.4.4 Enterprise version…

And below is what I have on my Community version 2019.7.0…

I’ve accessed both“my username” and“my username” and still get the same results.

I’m a big fan of UiPath, but the technology has been growing so much faster than the support and documentation.

Any help would really be appreciated!!

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Click on the services in the left pane of cloud, and there it will display the tenant name @James_Taylor

Just clicking on that will redirect you to the actual home page

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Oh wow, how simple was that!! Hey thanks HareeshMR!!! I’ve got it from here, at least for now hahaha!

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