Machine Key

We did not find the Machine option in Orchestrator.
Our version is Community.
Is it any configuration we need to do?
We want to publish our first robot!

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Navigate to services tab., you will get the actual home page and there in the machines tab, we will get the machine key @Carina_Rinaldi

@HareeshMR see our screenshot:

We don´t have this option!!!

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Click on the tenant name you have on the right pane @Carina_Rinaldi

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Welcome to uipath community
—you were almost near to it
—we are now in the cloud platform
—click in the services tab in the right side and click on the tenant name (last image you attached)
—it will take us to the orchestrator page
—there we can see the machine tab in the right sidebar if the screen

That’s all
Hope this would help you
Cheers @Carina_Rinaldi

@HareeshMR and @Palaniyappan thanks a lot!

Our problem was the accentuation of the service.

FTDEducaçãoDefault → FTDEducacaoDefault

After we got the “ç” and the “~”, it worked!


Cheers @Carina_Rinaldi

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Oh, that was a new thing to learn @Carina_Rinaldi

Thank you for letting us know :slight_smile:

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