Lvl3 Assignment1 Error

Hi all,

Can anyone assist me how to fix this error?
I am currently working on Lvl3 Assignment 1.

System1_ExtractClientInformation.xaml (11.2 KB)

Thank you.


As explained in the walk-through, you can try below steps:

Use Get Text to get client data into ‘ClientInformation’ variable

and use assign activity to extract client ID, name and country using Assign activity

out_ClientID = ClientInformation.Substring(ClientInformation.IndexOf("Client ID: ")+"Client ID: ".Length).Split(Environment.NewLine.ToCharArray)(0)
out_ClientName= ClientInformation.Substring(ClientInformation.IndexOf("Client Name: ")+"Client Name: ".Length).Split(Environment.NewLine.ToCharArray)(0)
out_ClientCountry= ClientInformation.Substring(ClientInformation.IndexOf("Client Country: ")+"Client Country: ".Length).Split(Environment.NewLine.ToCharArray)(0)

Thanks bro!

Big help :slight_smile:

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