Error in Process.xaml file

Hello Everyone ,

I have some how reached the stage Process.xaml in assignment 1 for advanced RPA developer.

When process.xaml file is executed , I get the following error.


CSystem1_ExtractClientInformation.xaml (11.1 KB)
ould some one check my extract client information file

Hi kavsanu,

You can easily extract the client information by using split method.

Let the result of the get text activity be ‘text’ (Client information block)

Assign client_id =text.Split({"ID:","Client Name:"},StringSplitOptions.None)(1).Trim

Here, our delimiters are “ID:” &“Client Name:”. So the text block is divided into 3 parts. String before"ID:", String in between “ID:” & “Client Name:”, string after Client Name. That is {0,1,2}. We need the 1st string in the array, that’s why we specified as (1).

Likewise assign,

client_name=text.Split({"Name:","Client Country:"},StringSplitOptions.None)(1).Trim

For your reference, Please have a look at the workflow.Extract_Client_Info.xaml (7.6 KB)

For more details about split method, check this. String.Split Method (System) | Microsoft Docs

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Hello Nimin ,

Thank you for your detailed explanation .

I tried using the expression and I get the below error .

‘text’ is ambigious, imported from the namespaces or types ‘System.Drawing,system’.

Any suggestion ??

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Hi kavsanu,

You can replace ‘text’ with your variable that stores your client block, got from get text activity. For easily understanding I just interpret as ‘text’. :grinning:

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Lol … I thought it is the syntax :wink:

Let me try that

Hello Nimin,

I have a doubt here . Do we have to go to one of the WI5 type and extract client information or the first work item

Hi Kavsanu,

Yes. You have to go ACME System 1 - Log In , then get the client details for each workitem.


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