Uielement is no longer valid when looping through children

hi, i use the find children activity to get the children and i want to click all the children, it works for the first child, but for the second child i get an error saying uielement is no longer valid.
This is the screenshot of the parent selector and the ui explorer

maybe instead of clicking those children try to print them by write line. After that try to find selector for the second click (as individual click) and compare this one to printed one. Maybe there is some difference which help you solve the problem.


we encountered some cases, in which find children failed e.g. for clickiong or computing the attributes. However the selector of the different items still was accessible.

we changed our to following:

  • did use the selector of the children e.g. for a click instead of using the uilement
    OR (was another scenario)
  • did use the selector of the children within a find element / get attribute for attribute evaluations.

Analysing for the failings / options we do use debugging and the watch / immediate box. Typical statements are:


i think it’s because of the title, i’m clicking on a web page, when i print all the selector they all have the same title (the page i’m on right now). But upon clicking, the page will change, so will the page title, how can i use wildcard for the children ?