Looping through Array inside json from HTTP request

Hi all,
Have a simple http request which gets back the below output. New to UI Path, watched a lot of vids, but struggling in how can use the JSON string output to then loop through all the urls. With the end goal to populate the matching quantity on each url. I assume I need to de-serialize the string output, and then set both url and quantity as standalone arrays, and then loop through with the index.
appreciate any assistence

    "result": [
            "quantity": "1,1,1,200,1,500",
            "ingredients": "Anchor Original Sour Cream,Brown Onions,Carrots,Mainland Edam Cheese,Mexicano Cheese Corn Chips,NZ Beef Mince",
            "url": "https://www.paknsave.co.nz/shop/product/5008633_ea_000pns?name=original-sour-cream,https://www.paknsave.co.nz/shop/product/5045856_kgm_000pns?name=brown-onions,https://www.paknsave.co.nz/shop/product/5039965_kgm_000pns?name=carrots,https://www.paknsave.co.nz/shop/product/5026180_ea_000pns?name=edam-cheese,https://www.paknsave.co.nz/shop/product/5018365_ea_000pns?name=cheese-corn-chips,https://www.paknsave.co.nz/shop/product/5104350_kgm_000pns?name=nz-beef-mince"

Hi @Mike_Lyttle , Welcome to UiPath Community.

Please find the attached file for the solution. If you have any further query please do let me know.
JSON Test.zip (3.5 KB)



arrUrls = myJObject("result")(0)("url").Value(Of String).Split({","}, StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries)

then you can loop with a for each over the arrUrls

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in case of the response result array will have more items we can retrieve a list of Arrays with the urls by following statement:

myJObject("result").Values(Of JObject).Select(Function (x) x("url").Value(Of String).Split({","}, StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries)).toList