Extracting data rom JArray

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I have a text file where i am having the data in the form of Json Array (attaching the same). There is URL field in that which i need to check first if it is valid or not. If it is valid then i need to go to that URL and do a search based on the keyword present in the JsonArray. There is one more field called isPartial which whenever is false then i need to do a full search on that URL. EG: JArray
“sitetoSearch”: [{

    "UrlToSearch": "https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Omega_Pharma2",
    "Keywords": ["omega", "healthcare"],
    "isPartial": "true"
}, {

so in the above i need to fetch the url and then see if this url is valid or not, if yes then open this url and do a search based on the keywords present above. If isPartial is false then i should search “omega healthcare” as a single string else i need to search omega first and then healthcare.
As i am new to uipath and this json concept, can anyone help me by providing a sample for the same or any suggestion will be very helpful.

Deserialize JSON stron to JsonObject:


After that you can get values from:

{"UrlToSearch": "https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Omega_Pharma2", "Keywords": ["omega", "healthcare"],"isPartial": "true"}

str_url As String = jsonInput("UrlToSearch").ToString
bln_isPart As Boolean = CBool(jsonInput("isPartial").ToString)
str_keyword1 As String = jsonInput("Keywords")(0).ToString
str_keyword2 As String = jsonInput("Keywords")(1).ToString

Hi @anshuman.pathak , as per you requirement I have created one sample process. Hope it will help you.
Sequence.xaml (32.0 KB) test.txt (122 Bytes)

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