Loop thru Deserialized JsonObject

I have this Deserialized Json Data that I want to loop thru, but I don’t know how since I just started working with API and Json.

I want to loop thru this data and get the song name and the artist's name in the below txt file. This data comes from the filtered HTTP Request.

JsonObjectResponse.txt (1.7 KB)

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi @C_M1

Where you want to write the Song and artist name, store in any variable or any other datatable.

any variable is fine as long as I can loop thru it because I’m planning to put those data into an excel file

In general we would do:
out: myJObject

and can loop over all tracks by
myJObject("items").Values(Of JObject)

For the start also have a look here:

currentItem = myJObject("items").Values(Of JObject)
String.Join(",",currentItem("track")("artists").Select(Function (x) x("name").Value(Of String)))
currentItem("track")("name").Value(Of String)

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