Loop through multiple excel files

How can I run a workflow as a loop on multiple excel files in the same folder? (currently it is only running on one excel workbook)


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  1. Try below expression to get all excel files from particular folder.

     arrExcelFiles = Directory.GetFiles("FolderPath","*.xlsx") 
  2. And then use For Each loop to iterate one by one file.

           ForEach item in arrExcelFiles
                - Use Excel Application Scope activity and pass item to it.

Hey man. I’m pretty new to UiPath. I understand I need to type the first part in the “Assign” activity, but I have no clue how/where to. Can you send me a screenshot or provide further instructions how I can do that? Really appreciate it!

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Use Assign activity and on left hand side write arrExcelFiles and on right hand side write remaining expression after equal sign.

Here arrExcelFiles variable is of type Array of string.

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