Loop through Json Object

I need to extract a set of json objects in a json file to be converted to excel, as the json file is really complex. Can some one help me. I have attached my json file

sample1.json (9.6 KB)

@Thulini_Dissanayake What are the Fields in Json File do you need as the Column Names in your Excel? Do you want only Some Fields to be present in your Excel Or all the Fields?

Thanks for your response, I need only the below fields

@Thulini_Dissanayake I guess your Json is not Valid :sweat_smile:, Have you checked it with an Online Json Validator, it was missing a Bracket “[”

I guess so, as i just copied a part of my json as the forum didnt allow me to upload the size was too large… If any way that i can share my whole json file with you

Try this this is also only a part but if i get the logic i can feed the whole file

response.json (183.8 KB)

@Thulini_Dissanayake Can you Check this Workflow :
JsonToDatatable.zip (10.3 KB)

It worked!
Thank you so much

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