Loop through excel cells and split values

Hello, everyone! I hope this will be a pretty straight forward answer but here is my problem:

I have an excel spreadsheet that has multiple values that I want to split from a single cell.
Cell A3: 04/12/2019 002144332 10 6 1 4 9
Cell B3: 04/12/2019 034149832 11 5 1 4 7

How would I loop though each cell, splitting each of the cells into new variables?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Zroy21 - Ok then you can do one thing create a main foreach loop which will fetch the cell value then in that main foreach loop after fetching the cell value split that value using .split(" "), it will create an array of string then you can iterate through it.

foreach cellval in excel:
get cell value
split the value
foreach val in split_array:
you will get splitted value in here

Hope it will help you.