Loop through datatable rows

Hi all,

I’m new to UPath and need help to get this project running at right track…

I have a datatable with a number of rows. Every row should be processed and cleared from the list and then loop back to next row.
But there can be some rows that cannot be processed and need some manual magic, so the loop must skip these and continue until whole list been run through.

Is there a way to loop over the objects that need manual handling?

Use For Each Row activity to go through each row.

Depending on your condition to skip row
Use If statement -

  • If (manual Magic required)
    • Do Nothing
  • Else
    • Do Something

@makkro Try something like the below…

“Item(0)” refers to the column you are checking… 0 being A, 1 being B… so on

Or as @TimK mentioned. Use a “Continue Activity” in the “For Each Row” Do Nothing condition (https://docs.uipath.com/activities/docs/continue)


I have a flowchart with different steps depending of what type of info the row object have, so it have to get back to the loop. The “Continue Activity” might be the best solution. But I need a example how to make it work.


Try something like this…


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