Loop isnt terminating

please look in vdo of my project where i am trying to fill data into rpachallenge.com site,
its working fine but its not coming out of the loop.

Dear Ankur,
You have to Click the Start Button before filling for the first time.
Then each time click Submit,it will exit after 10 rounds

Thanks ,
Geetishree Rao

Hi @ankur_kaushik2

Use Index properties from for each row create a index variable

Use Write line (IdxVariable+1).toString it will give count as process is running based on how many rows present!



Actually I couldn’t see any issue with workflow
And there is no endless loop as you are still using only FOR EACH activity only
Go to debug mode and set 4x speed, enable Highlight elements and run in debug mode

Let’s see like how the bot is running and it will highlight the element while accessing

Check once with excel file on how many rows are there by using a writeline line this before to for each row loop

If it is of more row then it will obviously take some time

Cheers @ankur_kaushik2

this is showing in error while debugging.

Check with the input value


i caught the error ,i was putting for each row activity in normal for each activity.

one more issue i am facing,every time i am running the project ,every time excel file is getting downloaded,how can i fix it.i just wan to download only once if there already then no.

Dear Ankur,

If you know the filename and path where it gets downloaded then check if file exists .If exists do not download, else go for it.

To check:
Use Path Exists Activity
Set the PathType as “File”
Provide the filepath(path +filename)
Result output is a boolean (If file exists then True, else False)

Is it possible for you to attach the xaml so as to look into it to get a better picture.

Geetishree Rao

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thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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