Loop Excel help


I have a excel file with email id listed below


I need to paste those emails one by one into Outlook To Field. The excel sheet might be having multiple emails or single email.

Need your inputs.

Thanks in advance


Use for each loop, and use assign statement and append each email address along with ; to a variable.

Use this variable in To field of outlook.

Thanks for your prompt response @anil5, Can you provide a sample xaml file, I tried the same but didn’t get any results.


Refer the below workflow

I have take a sample file with 3 email addresses and tried to send using send outlook message activity, was successfully able to send.

In outlook Message activity use TO field as your email address and try it.

Outlook.zip (8.5 KB)

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@ksrinu070184 - Follow below step

  1. Open excel activity and then add Read range activity which will output data table
  2. Loop datatable variable and use it to field into outlook
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@anil5 and @sandipauti

Thanks alot for your xaml file and detailed explanation.


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