Loop and the end of process

Hi all,
I would like to create loop at the end of process will ask user try with other or not. If user click “yes” it will back to 1st step, if user click “No” it will stop process? Anybody have idea about it ?? Thanks all

You can use do while , set a boolean value and a var if the user click No, it returns false and if the user click yes, it returns true. In the do while condition, put if var = true, then it will go back to 1st step

Have you tried using an Input Dialog activity with the question and 2 options? Then, follow with a Decision activity, so you can either go back to beginning or end.

Hi @marcus1206

I had something similar created to show this functionality to one of the students I have being training sometime back. Thought of sharing with you :slight_smile:

I just tweaked it a bit to make it simple…

ConfirmationCheck.xaml (8.5 KB)

Let know if this helps