Looping with decision making - HELP!

I am creating a process (balances) that is repeated a certain number of times until it reaches a point that there is an error in the process (no balances) in that part I have to close a popup window and continue with process (balances) … I have more or less the idea but I do not know how to continue, this is what I have. Main.xaml (22.5 KB)

hi @Stivend19,

I presume that you want your bot to run “error” sequence after that popup appears as there is a decision block. But one of the few problems is that there is no condition mentioned for the decision block (if you check in property pane at the right side).
A simpler solution for what you want to achieve would be using a “find element” activity and setting its output as some variable of boolean type. Henceforth, using an “if” activity with condition as this variable, error sequence inside “then” with “click” activity at the popup (to close the popup and continue) and normal sequence inside “else”.

hope it helps


There are no conditions since the window emerges when there is no balance and only enter is given to continue with the cycle of true

could you please help me with the file showing me how it should be, is that I am very new with the program Saldos.zip (849.6 KB)