Lookup Function with condition to match with other types


I am unable to Lookup on an Integer Column in Data Entity with an integer value. It returns a Blank even when the record is present. Do the Lookup/Filter functions work only with String Types or am I not doing something right. Help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Can you try with one filter first and see if you are getting result back?

Yes, with one filter it worked as it is looking up a variable value which has been populated by a previous lookup of a column which is an integer column.

Using variables it works for multiple filters. In mu case I have to add 1 to the current level, eg if current user role level is 1 then the approval has to move to the next level, so I am adding 1 to the current variable and then trying to look up the user key for that level, that fails for some reason. Hope I am making sense.

Are you passing correct value into filter? I am sure something is not passing so it’s returning null.

Passing a static value of 1 = Lookup(Table,[IntCol,β€œ=”,1]), is 1 considered as string or integer here ?

This will consider as integer.

Thanks Arvind, you rock.

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