Lookup/Filter to find record in entity

Hello, I have a question maybe somebody can help me.

I want to search for a record in an entity, but I want to see if the record was found or not.
I’ve tried with Filter function and also with Lookup function.

Then I want to do something only if the record was not found in the entity:

Nothing works.
Every time the Lookup or the Filter function returns an object. Even if the record is not found in the table, the result of these functions is not empty/null…

Can somebody please help me? I do not know how I know when the record was found or not. Thank you!

@daia.prisecaru ,

Please use IsBlank function rather than null.



I have tried and it’s not working with isBlank either. it always returns false, because every time the lookup/filter function returns something not empty.

@daia.prisecaru ,

your lookup code is wrong. you are returning full object. you need to return a particular field record as below.


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You right. It is working like this.

Thank you!

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