Lookup for the last Record of a entity with Functiones&Expressions in Apps

Hello Community,
My inquiry is exactly what you would expect from the Title.
I´m developing a Logic where I have to validate some conditions based on the last record of an Entity.
I see I have in my hand the Count() function, but I don’t know exactly how I can combine it to reach an identifier for that record. Sure I can handle it, but I have the feeling that there is a much more simplified way to tackle this than what I’m thinking as a possible solution (plan B). Sure my mentor in UiPath Apps @Arvind_Kumar1 knows something I can do.

Thank you as always.

@Luis_Fernando ,

This is not possible direct right now, But in coming release of this or next month in VB Zappa you can do this easily such functionality.

Right now, you can do a hack like put a column auto incremental. Auto incremental column get increment in data service for each records. Then in apps u can put a count function and then u can get count of records.

Once that is done, based on count you can write a function of lookup to get last records like



Okay! Excited to see that release. Yeah for now Imma do a solution to get around that similar to what you suggest. Thanks @Arvind_Kumar1

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