There should be a Rule to Get Entity Records as well

Hi Team,

I’m working on a use case in which I would need some data to be preloaded into the app based on some ID or userID field.
If we have a Get Entity Records kind of activity or inside the rule, it will help in easier data gathering and we can easily display the data in the form.


Hi @adiijaiin
it is possible. Have a look at: Apps - Referencing an Entity in Your App (

You can set an ID field in a drop down. The user can select the ID and you can lookfor the entity record.

Hi @PeCour

I see that we can reference it in a table, but how to display it in a form in a prefilled manner if there are some records with the id from which we are logging in?

you can use the lookup function in any formula field. Then you can lookup in an entity for a condition. Here I set a value from the entity = an App variable.

If you want to reference to an User. If you have the E-Mail in the entity then you can use the forumla [entity.Email,“=”,Email] as condition to retrieve other values form the entity.

hi @PeCour

So the condition is something like,
A user will login into the app,
we have his username with us.
Now there are 2 section of forms, lets call it SECTION A and B.
if The user clicks on save button on Section A, the data would be saved to certain entityA.
Now he currently doesn’t have all the data for Section B which is to be inserted.
So he quits the app.
Logs in 3 hours later.
Logs into the app again, we get his username again.
Now we need to check if there are N number of records in the dataService with his userName, so from where can we get the latest record from the data service, I need an expression for that to store it in a DataTable or some other variable inside the App itself.

Hope so that I make some sense in the above steps.

Thanks to anyone who can help out.

Hi @adiijaiin,
yes, that should work with the formula that I showed to you above.

we have his username with us

→ Use the E-Mail as ID and save the E-Mail to the entityA. Then section A will be filled out with the data entered in the first try based on the E-Mail.

Working with datatables and checking number of records:
It is better to use VB.Apps. Apperently, the other apps can be migrated to VB.Apps soon as well.
With VB.Apps you can use all VB.Formulas and set such checks in place.

With the other framework it is quite difficult. You could set up a lot of If-Statements based on entity values.

You can also bind the entity values to variables if you use the entity value in standard text and the variable in value binding. Then you could deactivate a field with !variable if there is no value in the entity.

But I would suggest to try out VB.Apps. There I can’t help much because I am also learning to use those at the moment.

@adiijaiin @PeCour ,

Its super easy now into UiPath VB apps. you can use Entity type app variable to pass the data between pages and prepopulate data and all.

Please have a look at the below video . this will solve your problem.

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