Lookup Data Table output cell issue


I have a project that uses a variable to find a cell in a data table, lets call lookVariable.
When i output this cell with a new variable i receive the error “Assign : Object reference not set to an instance of an object”.

it’s as if the variable hasn’t been initialized, but it is. Before the lookup data table i assign outputVariable = “”, in the same scope.

If i change the lookVariable to a hard code string, doesnt work.
If i try to create another outputVariable, doesnt work.
If i try to change the outputVariable to Generic/Object type, doesnt work.

If i copy/paste this part of the code to a new sequence and run separately, the lookup is able to find the value and save inside the outputVariable.

I have this RPA running for the last month, I didn’t change any part of the code, this error just started to happen this week

When i use the debug mode, i cant find any erro, the RPA runs fine.

Has anyone ever experienced this?

UiPath studio 2018.3