Lookup data table activity in if activity

I have a table like below:

col1 col2
Apple Bad
Banana Normal
Peach Bad
Pear Good

I want to find the row index of “Col1: Peach, Col2:Bad” using lookup datatable activity with “LookupValue = Bad”
There are two “Bad” values in Col2. So I tried to use ‘If activity’ giving condition “Col1=Peach”. And I put the ‘lookup data table’ activity in ‘Then’ Container.
However, this sequence returns the row index of ‘Col1=Apple, Col2:Bad’ data…

I tried the ‘while activitiy’ instead of ‘if activity’, but they return same result…

How can I get the row index that I want to find when multiple lookup values in one column?

Using Loop Statements.
You’ll want to do it with special features, but keep in mind, Simple is the best.


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