Looking for Sample UAT template/document


I am working on RPA(Uipath) Project and looking for a sample UAT document.
Any guidance or help would be useful.

There are some document in the Academy Training module, do check out the Business analyst course.

Found this on the forum

Hi @Deepashree,

do you mean User Acceptance Test? Or do you want to test the functionality of your robot?

Yes am looking User acceptance Test document.

We don’t have a document specifically for UAT. But we assure the acceptance of the user/ process owner through the following steps:

  • Iterative and incremental development process, in which there are review meetings with the process owner every week or two. In this meetings we show the current development status and check if the requirements are met.
  • Give the process owner the posibility to test and interact with the increments you are developing.
  • Handover the developed process to the process owner and teach them how to use it.

Through the whole process we work closely with the process owner, discuss requirements and show the increments.

Hope this helps.

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It was helpful thanks !!