Look up Partial value in Datatable

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if file is empty , I need to lookup filename in datatable and extract account no mapped to filename in DT. The part of filename is dynamic , for example ( 0281_Swift_678899 ) the number after swift is dynamic. How to do look up datable to search only partial filename.

The lookup datable only search if put exact value in look up value. Kindly suggest alternate solution.


HI @Prathibabala

Watch this video for tutorial on lookup in uipath.

hi Akshay,

I am able to do vlookup, if exact look up value present in Datatable. If need to look up partial value how to mention in Lookup value in field.

Example : Look up value is 181.abc but I am having only 181 in My DT . How to mention look up value.

@Prathibabala We can use a Linq Method to get the Row Matching the Required value in a Column. But Is the partial value going to be unique as well, since if the partial value matches multiple rows, you would have multiple values. If it is unique you could take the First Value always as it is the only value matched.

Is it possible to list the different formats of the Values that you would need to LookUp ?

As you have provided one such Value “0281_Swift_678899”

Does the words always have “Swift” keyword in it and the partial search would be for always the number before "Swift, “0281_” ?

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Filename.xlsx (9.0 KB) Files

I have attached filename DT in excel for your reference.

@Prathibabala Can you explain me more about the Numbers or the part of name from the filenames that you want to search, because the Screenshot you have uploaded seems to have multiple formats :sweat_smile:

So we would need to know what to get from each type of format, if there is no pattern for extracting the values needed, it might be difficult to do a LookUp.