Look for specific text on a page then extract table of data closest to it


I need to be able to do two tasks on a webpage (using Chrome extension version 9.0.6821).

  1. Look on a page to see if a certain name exists. 2) Extract a table of “consumers” that is correspondent to the name on the web page

I do not know in advanced what name I will need to search for, so I need to be able to scan the entire page then search for the position of this text.

Here’s what the page looks like:

This is what I’ve tried for 1) listed above.

I began with a GetText activity. I tried putting the selector on the entire Chrome screen, this only returned the URL and some bookmark names.

I then tried to get the second largest chunk possible that contains all these rows of names + consumers that I need to search

This result returns nothing.

I can also select a ‘block’ of one particular service but this also returns nothing.

I only get accurate results when I use getText on a specific piece of text, which doesn’t work for me as I need to scan the page then match for the text I am searching for.

I also tried the same approach with Get Full Text activity with the same results.

I’d like to avoid using OCR scanning if possible because there exists services that are further down the web-page and aren’t immediately visible.

I also tried using CTRL + F, this works but I’m not sure where to go from there to confirm that the CTRL + F actually got any results because I’m not able to select the selectors on the popup that shows where to type the CTRL+F.

If I could make a distinction of something that is highlighted via CTRL+F, I believe I could continue for 2) that I mentioned above.

The HTML code is very generic, and the majority of the div’s are named the same. However UiPath does put its own custom div names that I could potentially use if I could figure out how to successfully identify my issue with 1)

Although, there doesn’t seem to be a unique name for the table of consumers that I also need to extract

I’m not sure where to proceed from here. Using a web browser is my only option and I can’t find a way to verify that the service name exists, or how to tell UiPath to extract the consumer table that is associated with the name I am looking for.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!