Logs (Trace) messages showing old target values

Click Activity erroneously shows the original selector name text in the trace log message.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a Click Event on a Java Toggle Button
  2. Change targeting methods to Strict (Anchor and Selector).
  3. Delete any content in the Fuzzy selector fields.
  4. Run a quick debug to make sure it all works.
  5. Leave the Anchor alone, but change the selector, to use name=‘*’ instead of actual text.
  6. Select a different value for the actual target selector.
  7. Run the debug again.

The Trace Log will show the original text value that originally set in the java name attribute.

Change the target selector to include something like the following:

<java name=‘*’ role=‘toggle button’ idx=‘2’ / >

I don’t think the trace log should show unrelated targeting text that no longer appears anywhere in the workflow selectors.

Additional Info:
C# workflow
Java Application
Robot Logging: Log target & anchor search steps: true

The Message I see:

05/20/2022 16:01:33 Click 'Watchlist Caption'
Searching for target ''60.00.00 Global X S…'' [Role: Button] with the following methods: selector.
Searching for anchor ''Watchlist'' [Role: Button] with the following methods: selector.

The related Click Activity’s target Selector:

<java name=‘*’ role=‘toggle button’ idx=‘2’ / >

The Selector’s actual text value content:

06.11.01 Mad$ …

Are you sure you’re not confusing Selector and Fuzzy Selector?

This issue is unrelated to fuzzy selector. The targeting methods are both set to Strict and the Fuzzy selector fields are both empty.

I saved this in our issues tracker for our UIAutomation team to have a look.