Logical Interview Questions

Can anybody upload any examples of logical questions that we can expect in the interview process? Not the technical but logical depends on the scenarios.

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We can expect questions from the business requirements which we used to daily. I mean, if you are good with technical stuff, then people will give you the real time scenario to explain how you can solve that. Just a thought from my side :slight_smile:

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Ok… thanks a lot. But can you please provide any real time scenarios considering any particular application or tool, where the problem might occur and the solution for that problem too.

Thanks in advance

Most of the times, we can get the requirement to automate the applications SAP, PeopleSoft, Data base. The most automation part is done in excel and PDF’s. And the remaining web applications, we can use browsers. I don’t understand what you are asking for. please let me know if you are facing any issues with any of the applications :slight_smile:


Check this live video interview recordings

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