Logical error copy paste specific excel row to another excel

Hey guys, I’m having logical error after bot finish processed.

The scenario is suppose to be copy “Approve” row :
problem 1

and paste all the row content into new excel:

I’m using add data row but end up it copy the row in single column A1.
Bot as below:

Still new to this bot, so simple explanation will be glad.

Hi @Aldrin_Pro,

You can simply use Filter Data Table activity after read range to filter rows at column approve with value “Yes”, as shown in below shot.


Just set property of Input Data Table —> remark and Output Data Table same if you you want to output in same datatable.
Write that filtered datatable using write range.

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Apparently the output is like this

Inside “Add Data Row”, my condition was set like this :

I try to write {row.item(“Name”, “Year”, “Approve”).ToString}

But the it say “cannot accept this number of argument”.

Could use some help with the condition.


I’m attaching a workflow —> Filter.zip (22.4 KB)

Check its input data in Sheet1, run the workflow and you get to see output data as you want in sheet2.

Hey thanks :smiley: I managed to make it same for my work assignment.

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