Logic for Duplicate Value

Hi all, ive been thinking the logic for this particular problem for quite a while but cant seem to find a way for the bot to process this data.
So ive got a dt with example below:

the bot supposed to consume the test name column and run a type into action and click a find first button in a webpage within a for each row activity.

there is only find first button, and next button for the bot to utilise.

the problem here is, if the bot were to process the testname TESTABC1 and press find first button, then the bot would only process for the TESTABC1 for line 3 every single time, and the TESTABC1 in line 5 would be skipped, as again, the bot is clicking the find first button - hence only searching for the first value of that testname in the website.

how can i process this for the bot to search for both duplicate testname?
have tried using .Contains(“TESTABC”) and click next button but the bot would do this for both lines of TESTABC1 and would produce double results.

any idea on this? really appreciate the help, thx.

So in the website there are two cases of TESTABC1?

yes, but each with different TEST SET values


yes it does exists in excel

So when u search for testabc1 in webpage u will get the result

Now compare that data with ur test values then do the Operation

im not sure i fully understand that second line, mind if you explain it a little bit?

Hi @syezids

What I am explaining is

Since the Test Name is duplicating but for every test name is associated with Test Values which is unique

So when u search with test name even though after getting search results u can compare the results with test values so that can select the details Accordingly


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