Bot Information Grab - Duplicate Value Outputs


I created a bot to grab an ID from an excel file, paste it into a webpage and search on that ID, and then data scrape a name from that webpage, then write that name back into the same excel file. Below is my bot sequence:

The data scrape of the name from the webpage pastes duplicate values, and I can’t figure out what’s wrong with my sequence. I’ve asked a few other bot users and they can’t figure it out either. Can someone help please? The highlights in the screenshot below represent the IDs that the bot isn’t reading and putting into the webpage interface to get the correct name. I don’t believe the bot is skipping the IDs. Instead it’s writing duplicate names, which is causing it to skip the next ID in line.


Hi @jonathan.r.lung,

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From the workflow and the screenshots i can only suggest the below things.

  1. The Bot is increment the counter by 2 instead of 1 . Please verify the counter logic .

  2. Once a Name eg (James johnson )is pulled out from web and pasted , the variable should be empty to get the new value … here i assume what is happening - the Variable is not reset in loop and it paste the value again… Please verify the scope of the varibles.


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Hi, for the Assign Activity at the end, I have “ExcelRowNumber = ExcelRowNumber+1” as the counter in the For Each loop. I tried changing the outside Assign Activity to 1, but there was no difference in my output. I still got duplicates.

The variables in the ForEach are in the screenshot below:


Just wanted to follow up on this. I’ve attached my bot. I’m still unable to get a single output to paste. It’s still duplicating values taken from my web page into my excel file.

SF Data Extract Bot.xaml (22.9 KB)

I’ve tried adjusting my ‘Assign’ value but that didn’t work. How do I reset my variable in the loop?