Logic for "checked out" file in Sharepoint

Hello Developers
I’m hoping someone can provide me a solution to my issue. I have create an automation that “checks out” a file from sharepoint. This prevents anyone from modifying the file while the automation is running. However, I need some “logic” that will allow the automation to identify if the file is already checked out, stops the process, and send notification that file is in “checked out” mode. **Please note that the entire automation is already in a TryCatch activity

here is the identifier that indicates that file has been checked out

Any suggestion or recommendations will be greatly appreciated


Did you already tried to capture the selectors for the icon you mentioned related to check out. if you are not able to get the proper selector for that icon try to identify by using Ui explorer so that we can use get attribute activity and get the correct property for the checkout icon.

another suggestion like if we have admin creds to share point we can do some setting sin the document library add one more status related to checkout and we can identify easily whether the file is already checked out or not. please refer the below link it might help your requirement. thanks.

i found one custom component for the Share point activities but it doesn’t have any option to check whether file already checked out or not. refer the below link and see if you can find any activity related to that.

I will take a look at both sources, and see if one of them will be able to assist me with my issue. Will provide an update. Thanks again for your help sir!

Your most welcome. please let me know. thanks.

Sir. I tried both sources, but didn’t really help. However, I did find another solution. The Trouble I’m having is coming up with something that will stop the automation if file has been checked out.

I created a Element exist with the output “FileCheckedOut”

I then created an IF statement with this condition. Under the “THEN” I would like the automation to stop and not go any further. “ELSE” continue with the check out of file, close the tab, and continue on the automation

Any suggestions?

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@gustavo_marrufo great, I think you are on right path!:blush:

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