Log file create in different path not in project folder

I create log file in project folder.But Client Want create one input parameter where he mention the path and file save this folder.it means I need to concatenate variable with log folder.May I know how to concatenate var in existing attachment

you can use Config file for that!
and can tell the client to make change accordingly in Config file!


they don’t want to use config file.They create input parameter as mention in attachment in circle file path of excel when this application run on orchestrator he mention the input file path where excel save.Same they want in log file.
Now I have one var name like abc it conatain path.Now I want this abc+“Logs"+Now.ToString(“MM-dd-yyyy”)+”.txt"
So it add log folder this path.Hope you understand.if not let me know.?

yeah you can do that
abc if this is your folder path!
then you can do this abc+“Logs”+DateTime.Now.ToString(“MM-dd-yyyy”)+“.xlsx”

this will work!

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