Locking Excel in Shared Folder while the robot is running

Hi everyone!

I have the following issue: I store an excel file in a Shared Folder of an organization which constitues a report for the business users. This report is edited by them, when the robot is not running. Does anyone know how can I “lock” the excel while the robot is running? I want to avoid the problem “…excel file is being used by another process” since many business users forget that they should’t open the excel file while the robot is running.

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Hello @kj_mizia,

You can not forcefully close the shred files untill and unless you do not have the permission to do that as the files are on some other network, so better to let the business know not to touch the file which are being used by the robot.


From a process perspective, they shouldn’t be able to edit the file directly. Folder permissions should be set to keep the users out of the file, with a designated person who copies new versions into the folder.

If that’s not doable, you simply open the Excel file with the usual activities, and it’ll lock it so nobody else can edit it.