Locations To Audit Successful / Unsuccessful Logons And Logoffs In Orchestrator

Where to find Successful / Unsuccessful logons and logoffs in Orchestrator for audit purpose?

Historical successful Robot / Studio Connections are not tracked due to the amount of data that would be generated, basically every time the connection is lost it will have events. However, current sessions are tracked in the below two database tables,

  • [dbo].[UserLoginAttempts]
  • [dbo].[Sessions]

Find the data(meaning) for Result column (number codes) of Login Attempts / sessions in the table below,

Name="Success" Value="1"

Name="InvalidUserNameOrEmailAddress" Value="2"

Name="InvalidPassword" Value="3"

Name="UserIsNotActive" Value="4"

Name="InvalidTenancyName" Value="5"

Name="TenantIsNotActive" Value="6"

Name="UserEmailIsNotConfirmed" Value="7"

Name="UnknownExternalLogin" Value="8"

Name="LockedOut" Value="9"

Name="UserPhoneNumberIsNotConfirmed" Value="10"


If there is a need to view other database value meanings, open a new browser window and type this

  • URL: https://YOUR_ORCHESTRATOR_HOSTNAME/odata/$metadata